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Buy Coffee Machine in Hong Kong

GENESIS – The European Cafe… in a revolutionary Table-Top Coffee Machine

After wowing Europe’s notoriously demanding coffee lovers, Genesis has landed in Hong Kong. The secret to its success is the CoEx brewer, a unique technology that brews both authentic espresso, espresso-based drinks, and regular gourmet coffee – in a whole bean and roast and ground format – all from a single, compact unit.

You can taste the benefits
  • Genesis field trials showed sales increase from 13% to more than 280% vs. prior system in use.
  • Field testing proved broad acceptance of Genesis’ diverse menu and strong acceptance of CoEx capabilities – 78% of beverages delivered across the trial were delivered via CoEx. Of those, 60% were espresso or espresso-based selections!
Your employees will thank you
  • Satisfy there by delighting their employees
  • Employees can get their java jolt inside the office, not down the block.
Cafe Culture

A great cup of coffee shared with friends, a frothy cappuccino as a treat or a delicious freshly brewed tea to quench a thirst? The versatile Genesis provides all of these delicious hot drinks around the clock along a full range of speciality selections demanded by today’s discerning consumers.

Genesis delivers the perfect beverage…every time!

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Crane Multi-Purpose Vending Machine

Our multi-purpose vending machines comes from well known US Brand ‘CRANE’.

Crane is your source for the most innovative, capabable and reliable vending machines on the market today.

Our vending machines are specifically designed to attract new consumers and provide an engaging retail shopping experience.

Create powerful automated retail store for snack, food or combo vending with the award-winning Merchant MEDIA!

For further detail, please click on the link below↓

Model 186, 187 Introduction (PDF): Data Sheet

Model 471, 472 Introduction (PDF): Data Sheet

➡️ CRANE Main Products:

              Model   186                           187

Height:                   72″                           72″

Width:                   33″                           44″

Depth:                   39″                           38″

Weight:                510 lbs.                    610 lbs.

              Model    471                         472

Height:                  72″                          72′

Width:                  33″                          46″

Depth:                   33″                           33″

Weight:               629 lbs.                  729 lbs.

➡️ Why choose CRANE?

Improve Consumer Experience

  • New user interface – Dynamic keypad based on appliance industry touch sensing technology (no moving parts), large lighted keys make it easy to use
  • 1-2-3 process (money, selection, change) facilities experience
  • New ‘OK’ key confirms selection and improves confidence
  • Ergonomic coin cup
  • Graphics display simplifies communication
  • POP window for product promotions or company information
  • Currenza Recycler option is the perfect match to capitalize on higher price points

✨  Durable Construction

  • Merchant Six is only 5.5″ wider than SnackCenter 1
  • Single-piece cabinet wrapper construction design is built to last
  • All mechanical systems tested to 14 years of life
  • Significantly less parts, improves simplicity and reliability (delivery bin, tray harnesses, keypad…)
  • Proven keypad technology from appliance industry is built to last
  • Factory-installed LEXAN door option for tough locations
  • Cabinet ‘kock-outs’ allow access through 30″ doorways
  • Factory installation of Currenze payment systems

Ultimate Merchandising Flexibility

  • 6-shelf and 7-shelf configurations
  • Merchant Size has up to 54% more spirals (depending on configuration)
  • Increased vertical space when compared to SnackCenter for more or taller products
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in 1/2″ increments for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy loading shelves with no latches
  • Price roll option provides product prices on the shelf

Latest Technology

  • Proven electronic platform with new features – upload/download software and configuration with memory stick, language translation, remote price changes (via Streamware Connect), plus all SnackCenter features and more
  • Seamless integration with other Crane Merchandising Systems products like Currenza Payment Systems and Streamware Vending Management Software
  • LED light option reduces service costs, improves product view, and is more environmentally friendly
  • Improved SureVend option guarantees product delivery
  • New in-line GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) power cord facilitates connection
Product and Solution

Payment Solution

The Industry’s Most Complete Set of Vending and Cashless Systems.

Whether you need vending machines, payment and cashless systems, software services or wireless communications, we provide it all in an integrated way that maximizes your investment.

Backload Bill Validator

  • High acceptance rates
  • Superior counterfeit detection with patented technology
  • Self-center multi-width option for easy insert of multi currencies

Cashcode® High End Bill Validation

  • Fast transactions
  • Patented sensor systems for best fraud bills rejection
  • Tool free access for high service friendliness and fast maintenance

The most secure 5″ Coin validator

  • Unique MFT coin validation technology for highest coin security
  • Modular construction in coin entry and integrated 5 way sorting for flexible use
  • Manipulation protection via optical string recognition, coin timing and protocol encryption

NRI G-13.mft 3.5″coin validator

Most flexible and secure 3.5″ coin validator

  • Anti-stringing protection and protocol encryption for high manipulation security
  • Unique MFT coin validation technology for highest coin security
  • Highly flexible through multiple models, interfaces and sorters

The next generation coin changer and recycler

  • 6 tube cassette system for maximum coin capacity and flexible tube configurations
  • 3 independent payout motors for highest payout security
  • 4 human interfaces fulfill individual requirements

Most reliable coin hopper series

  • High payout speed of 9 coins per second reduces transaction times
  • Manipulation protection through unique infrared light barrier system
  • Different interfaces on one hardware – optional encrypted via ccTalk
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Drinks Vending Machine

Vanyu-Fuji Vending Machines is committed to provide high quality vending machines with high product specifications, energy efficiency and functionality. So that customers can get excellent products and experience.

Hot and Cold Can Vending Machines
Features 1
Features 2
Specification - Cold and Hot Drinks

24 Selection Drinks Vending Machine

36 Selection Drinks Vending Machine