Category: Vending Machine Idea

  • Political Campaign Vending Machine

    Political Campaign Vending Machine

    A motif is a rhetorical device that involves the repeated presence of a concept, which heightens its importance in a speech and draws attention to the idea.

  • Boyfriend Vending Machine

    Boyfriend Vending Machine

    Flossie, a women’s lifestyle magazine, has designed something very special for the single women of New Zealand and it is brilliantly strange.

  • Free Snack Vending Machine

    Free Snack Vending Machine

    What would you do for free bag of snacks? Clemenger BBDO created a free snack vending machine to test how far human would devolve into lab rat.

  • Pop-Up Nikefuel points Vending Machine

    Pop-Up Nikefuel points Vending Machine

    In a clever marketing stunt, Nike has installed a pop-up Nikefuel Points vending machine in New York that only accepts its NikeFuel points as payment.

  • Sweat Activate Vending Machine

    Sweat Activate Vending Machine

    Most drink vending machines are designed to dispense refreshment when the right amount of coins is traded in, but Gatorade’s Sweat Machine operates a little differently.

  • DNA Vending Machine

    DNA Vending Machine

    Artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo has created a vending machine that dispenses human genetic material to highlight emerging privacy issues.

  • Toothpaste Promotion Vending Machine

    Toothpaste Promotion Vending Machine

    Toothpaste is an essential product consumers cannot do without. For more established brands, selling toothpaste products is relatively easy. But some smaller and startup brand will need to try harder.

  • Holiday! Scented air vending machine

    Holiday! Scented air vending machine

    Vending machine stocked with bottles of scented air evoked holiday memories to commuters in busy train station. It is a vending machine stocked with bottles of summer scented air.

  • Nature Exchange Vending Machine

    Nature Exchange Vending Machine

    Brands think consumers are fascinated with vending machines, so whenever agencies lack some inspiration another vending machine is born.

  • Staple Food Vending Machine

    Staple Food Vending Machine

    Algramo places their automatic food dispensers in poorer neighborhoods, those most frequently affected by the economic trend of “small format punishment.”