Category: Vending Machine Product

  • Swimsuit Vending Machine

    Swimsuit Vending Machine

    Forgot your swim trunks, but aching to take a dip in the pool? Standard Hotels has partnered with Quiksilver to cobrand men’s and women’s swimsuits, which will be sold in poolside vending machines.

  • Diamond Bracelet Vending Machine

    Diamond Bracelet Vending Machine

    If you think the idea of selling gold coins and bars out of vending machines is pointless then how about a automat that dispenses diamond bracelets?

  • Seed Vending Machine

    Seed Vending Machine

    In a bid to boost vegetable cultivation on residential premises and terrace of buildings, a Seed Vending Machine was installed in India. It will dispense quality seed packets of vegetable and flowering plants.

  • Toilet Paper Vending Machine

    Toilet Paper Vending Machine

    To avoid wastage, some public rest rooms in Japan will charge you. Though it will worth every single dollar if you need it (urgently) ! The machine shown is one used in Japan.

  • Board Game Vending Machine

    Board Game Vending Machine

    Vending Machine selling the most popular board games. Great for promotion in popular and busy location. We are currently observing the release of around 3,500 new board games every year.

  • Newspaper Vending Machine

    Newspaper Vending Machine

    Newspaper vending machines are used worldwide, especially in Germany and they are often one of the main distribution methods for newspaper publishers.

  • Pajamas Vending Machine

    Pajamas Vending Machine

    The worldwide use of pajamas outside the subcontinent is the result of adoption by British colonists in India in the 18/19th centuries, and the British influence on the wider Western world during the Victorian era.

  • Business Card Vending Machine

    Business Card Vending Machine

    Name cards and business cards are widely used in Japan, especially when you meet new people and would love to keep in touch with them in the future.

  • Telephone Sim Card Vending Machine

    Telephone Sim Card Vending Machine

    In Macau, there are a few prepaid mobile/telephone sim card vending machine when you exit out of the Macau Ferry Terminal. In Hong Kong, you can buy SIM cards in many places too!

  • Vegetable Vending Machine

    Vegetable Vending Machine

    In France, 200 Perspex-fronted, coin-operated compartments are crammed with local organic fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs sourced from the Île-de-France area, no more than 50km outside of the city.