Curry Rice Vending Machine

Knowledge of Curry

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. A wide variety of vegetables and meats are used to make Japanese curry. The basic vegetables are onions, carrots, and potatoes. For the meat: beef, pork, and chicken are the most popular.

To many people in Japan, summertime is synonymous with hot and spicy food. Spices are believed to cool you down by making you perspire, as well as stimulating an appetite dulled by the sweltering weather. The quintessential spicy dish in Japan is curry, which is so popular that it’s regarded, along with ramen, as one of the top two national dishes — ahead of sushi and miso soup.

In fact, it’s a home comfort that many can’t bear to be without. Before every Seattle Mariners home game, baseball great Ichiro Suzuki eats the same curry, made by his wife, for lunch (actually breakfast for him, since he ‘works’ into the night). When this was reported on NHK TV in 2009, it caused a short-lived fad for breakfast curry around Japan.

Interesting Facts about curry

  • The word curry comes from a South-Asian word Kori, which is a sauce with cooked meat or fish.
  • Curries are very popular in the UK and have been for a long time. The first curry restaurant opened up in 1810 in London.
  • The world’s largest curry has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.  It was made in 2015 in Singapore and weighted 33,838.9 pounds.
  • The hottest curry is Chicken Naga.  The dish contains lots of naga pepper seeds which measure 855,000 on the Scoville Scale.  (these seeds are 100 times hotter than jalapeno peppers.)
  • Food historians believe that people have been eating curries for 4000 years.
  • There is a Curried chicken salad in the UK called Coronation Chicken.  It was created for Queen Elizabeth II for her Coronation Banquet in 1953.  


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