Do nothing for Beer Vending Machine!

As part of an Amstel marketing stunt, vending machine serves beer to people who stand and do nothing for three minutes.

The person had to stand in a designated spot, push a button to start a timer, and wait for three minutes before it would cough up a can from its precious inventory.

The machine was placed in a busy location in the capital of Bulgaria, for 16 days. Beer-hungry patrons totaled up to 67 hours of doing nothing but waiting for a brewski. The total output was 1,344 free beers.

Do nothing for Beer Vending Machine!

Fun facts about Beer

  1. The Slavic word ‘beer’ came from the verb ‘to drink’. Initially, beer was any kind of drink.
  2. The earliest evidence of brewing beer dates back to about 3500-2900 B.C. Ancient evidence, in the form of chemical residues, was found in ancient Iran. 
  3. The strongest beer in the world has a strength of 67.5%. It was created in 2017 by the Scottish brewery Brewmeister. The beer is called Snake Venom.
  4. An important contribution to the development of brewing was made by the Danish botanist Emil Christian Hansen. In 1881 he was the first person to obtain a pure culture of beer yeast, which greatly improved the quality of the product. Beer yeast developed from Hansen’s technology is still being produced today.
  5. The Guinness Book of World Records was conceived by Hugh Beaver, Executive Director of the Guinness Brewing Company. He came up with the idea of creating an authoritative source for pub-goers to settle their disputes about the record of a particular phenomenon.
  6. The popular beer snack of chips, is believed to have been invented by accident. A chef named George Crum, in response to the tycoon’s criticism that his potatoes were “too thick” sliced paper-thin potatoes and fried them. But the dish tasted good to the tycoon and his friends. After a while, the chips became the most popular dish of the restaurant where George Crum worked.


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