Safe Sex Vending Machine

State Aids Control Society is gearing up to install safe sex vending machine in all public toilets selling condom in the city. While the idea is not new to the city, the machines installed in Sulabh toilets and the ones in the RTC bus stations were not finding many takers as they are not well maintained.  

Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad’s plan to construct nearly 100 modern toilet complexes in the city has come as a shot in the arm for the APSACS.

Of the 100 planned modern toilets, over 50 has already been finished in different parts of the city.

According to Kallol Mukherjee of the Technical Resource Unit, APSACS already maintains 200 condom vending machines, with 80 being inside toilets.

APSACS also has condom vending machines in toilets of various cinema theatres.

“We realised that the public are not very comfortable with using condom vending machines in open places,” Mukherjee said.

APSACS figures also substantiate the apprehension. The vending machines installed in public toilets saw a 70 per cent increase in the daily movement of condoms.

In a recently undertaken pilot project, the Delhi State Aids Control Society installed condom vending machines in toilets of the secretariat.  Much to their surprise, nearly 4,000 condoms were picked up by the secretariat officials and employees in just two days.

According to Mukherjee, the idea is to take the total number of such safe sex vending machine to 500 before the end of this financial year.

Interesting Facts about Condoms

  • According to a 2017 Sex Survey, 68% of Millennials say that they have the most sex on Valentine’s Day.
  • Condoms have expiry date with an average shelf life of four years, and that’s if you store them in a cool and dry place.

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