Security Features of Hong Kong Bank Notes

Security Feature Hong Kong Bank Note

The following security features are incorporated into genuine Hong Kong banknotes:

  • Paper: It is made of 100% cotton fibre, which doesn’t fluoresce under ultraviolet light.
  • Polymer: The ten-dollar banknotes are made of polymer, and have a transparent panel.
  • Watermarks: The watermarks are incorporated during the paper manufacturing process. They can be viewed equally well from either side of the note. The images are multi-toned and sharp, and do not show up when placed under ultraviolet light.
  • Security thread: A straight metal thread is embedded in the note. It can be viewed equally clearly from either side of the note.
  • See-through features: When the note is held up to the light, the specially designed color patterns printed on the front and back will be seen to be exactly aligned with each other.
  • Intaglio printing: The main images of the notes are printed by an intaglio printing process which deposits a large quantity of ink on the paper thus giving the note an embossed feel. The fine lines of these images are clear and sharp.

Adopted from Hong Kong Monetary Authority