Twitter Vending Machine

In an organic twist on the standard vending machine we’re all familiar with, one organic seed and food company is combining social media, gardening, and giveaways, to help promote the company’s generous garden grant program.

Seeds of Change wants to empower more people to grow a garden this year, including community and school gardens, and to help put organic seeds in their hands, a Twitter-enabled vending machine will dispense seeds to those who send out a tweet about how they’re working to grow a healthier community, and make a pledge to plant (#PledgeToPlant).

The vending machine event also includes a photo booth where visitors can write their pledge on a chalkboard and get their photo taken with it, free swag (reusable shopping bags and samples of the company’s food), and information about Seeds of Change’s $190,000 Grant Program.

In addition to the seed vending machine event, the company is also running a Pledge to Plant sweepstakes, which will reward 50 random people with a home garden package and a donation to their local garden program.