First car vending machine just opened

There’s now a vending machine for cars. No, we don’t mean a micro vending machine that sits in your back seat. We mean an actual car vending machine that spits out cars. That you can drive away!

Carvana opened up the shop in Nashville, Tennessee. Folks who purchase a vehicle can choose to pick it up at the 5-story location. Insert a coin and your car rolls out ‘through a proprietary and fully-automated pick-up experience, similar to how a can of soda is dispensed from a traditional vending machine,’ Carvana said. It took two years to build the vending machine, which can store 20 cars and features 3 delivery bays.

Once you insert a coin, the car is automatically retrieved from the Tower and is moved through the machine until it reaches a Delivery Bay, where you take possession and begin your seven-day test ownership period.

Carvana is even willing to pay you $200 for airfare, and will provide “white glove transportation” if you decide to specifically pick your car up at the special location.

If you don’t live in Tennessee and don’t want to fly, you can wait for additional locations to open up at future nationwide locations in the coming years.

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