Eyelashes Vending Machine

A Vending Machine set up in Midtown Common Mall in Saskatoon by entrepreneur and businesswoman Christina Vlahos.

Vlahos has been doing her makeup since she was 12 and always knew she wanted to create her own business involving beauty, she just did not know exactly what it would be.

After a quick Google search, she realized Vending Machine for lashes had never been done before and decided to start the process.

I am always the type of person, when I get my mind to it, I’m gonna do it.

Christina Vlahos

Lashes by Sophia, named after her daughter, came to life in a matter of only eight months.

There are currently 15 different styles of mink fur eyelashes priced at $10 a pair and four styles of luxury human hair lashes priced of $15 a pair.


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