Free Snack Vending Machine

What would you do for a free bag of snack? Would you press a button 100 times for Aussie rice snacks? How about 1000? OK, 5000? Clemenger BBDO created a free snack vending machine to test how far humans would devolve into lab rats for the paltry reward of a single bag of snacks – asking them to bow to the vending machine and do various physical exercises. Let’s watch!

Interesting facts about Snacks

  • Coca-Cola’s scientists carefully calibrate Coke’s flavor to be distinctive yet “forgettable” because our tongues get tired of stronger, more recognizable tastes.
  • Cadbury’s scientists tested 61 different formulas to come up with the perfectly addictive Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.
  • Commercially produced bread is heavy on salt because it keeps the machines from getting gummed up.
  • Nutella was created following chocolate shortages after WWII. After World War II, there was a widespread shortage of cocoa, and a pastry maker from Piedmont, Italy created this sweet spread made from hazelnuts, sugar, and just a little bit of that hard-to-find cocoa. The hazelnuts and sugar helped extend the cocoa so that people could enjoy that chocolate flavor during a time of shortage.
  • Bubble gum is pink for a simple reason. After adding a little latex to their original formula, the chewing gum was able to last a long time. But unfortunately, the gum was an “unappetizing grey” color, so the workers scrambled to make their new bubblegum invention a more pleasing color. The only dye available was bright pink, and that’s how it was originally sold in stores and became a chewy tradition.
  • Jelly Bellies have a presidential history. President Reagan fell in love with these sugary beans when he was looking for a substitute after he quit smoking. Jelly Belly, according to Atlas Obscura, quietly supplied the then-governor with monthly shipments of jelly beans, and they provided three-and-a-half tons of patriotic jelly beans (in cherry, coconut, and blueberry flavors) to his presidential inauguration.


Other Vending Machine Applications