Printer Ink Cartridge Vending Machine

Canon is the first in Hong Kong to install “genuine consumables vending machines” in MTR stations and shopping malls to serve customers better. Simply press a button to choose the right paper or ink and pay with Octopus Card, it is simple and convenient! A toner cartridge collection box is set next to each machine, users can help to save the earth at the same time.

To further facilitate users, Google Map offers search aids for locating Canon’s vending machines. Inputting the keyword “Canon ink” and the locations will be shown instantly in details, making original ink and photo papers purchase trouble-free!

Interesting facts about Printer

  • Fonts Used To Be Named After People Who Created Them. The best example of this is Garamond which is named after its creator Claude Garamonde who was a famous French printer. Garamond is one of the most economical fonts you can use with regard to saving ink today!
  • World’s Smallest Printer Measures 1 X 2 X 11 Inches. The smallest printer in the world is known as PrintStik, manufactured by Planon and it measures an amazing 1 inch x 2 inches x 11 inches. This puny little thing is a Bluetooth and mobile printing enabled printer that can be carried in your pocket.
  • World’s Largest Printer Measures 12 X 50 Metres. While the world’s smallest printer measures 1 inch x 2 inches x 11 inches, the world’s largest printer measures an amazing 12 metres x 50 metres in size. This printer is known as Infinitus and is owned by a company known as Big Image Systems.
  • Printers Can Be Used To Print Food Too! NASA is even planning to send an advance 3D printer in space to help astronauts in creating shelters and tools!
Vending Machine selling Printer Ink Cartridge


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