Light Bulb Recycling Vending Machine

For over ten years, IKEA has recognised the need to collect used light bulbs and batteries and provided a manual collection service for customers to return them.

To further increase bulb and battery recycling rates. The Light Bulb Reverse Vending Recycling Machines are sited in prominent positions for the Public to see the initiative in action as they need to be encouraged to improve recycling.

Low energy bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, we want to stop that going into people’s dustbins and landfill.

The recycler is guided through the simple process by an exciting touch screen menu, the user then receives a reward incentive voucher, automatically dispensed by the machine.

The touch screen enables the user to choose from a large selection of different rewards, the user may even choose to donate to charity. (UNICEF, WWF, Save the Children and the Woodland Trust)