Cupcake Vending Machine

For anyone who’s ever had a sugar craving at a bad time — Sprinkles Cupcakes has a solution.

Beverly Hills shop owner Candace Nelson has invented a vending machine that dispenses her baked creations after store hours.

Cupcake Vending Machine

Nelson said she thought of the idea one night during her second pregnancy.

” I thought, ‘I’m the owner of a cupcake bakery and even I can’t get a cupcake in the middle of the night,’” she recalled.

“It’s high-tech. It’s really the wave of the future,” Nelson added. “It’s a robotic arm that finds your cupcake and delivers it to you. You can see it working behind the scene on our touch screen.”

Nelson stocks the machine with fresh selections every night.

“You don’t know how many times we sped down here to try to make it before the store closed,” frequent Sprinkles customer Karson Langenfelder said.

“I think it is a great idea,” added customer Patrick Swope. “You can never have too much access to your cupcakes.”

The individually boxed and dispensed cakes cost $4 each. Similar machines will be installed in New York this summer.

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