Nature Exchange Vending Machine

Nature Exchange Vending Machine

Brands think consumers are fascinated with vending machines.

This weird vending machine was placed in Grand Central Terminal, NYC from February 12th to the 14th. A so-called Nature Exchange Vending Machine will return unusual gifts if you offer different items from nature, such as snake skin. If you only get a seven-leaf clover, don’t dream big yet because this vending machine gets better if you get a hold of weirder stuff.

Fun facts about Gift Exchange

  1. The average shopper buys presents for about eight different recipients.
  2. Women give gifts to far more recipients.
  3. People are a bit more likely to buy presents for their pets than their friends.
  4. Baby boomers had an average of 7.57 gift recipients, which is the lowest of all the adult generations. The most generous generation was the Silent Generation, which includes those born between 1928 and 1945. They averaged 8.73 recipients. Generation X was right behind them with 8.65 recipients, followed by millennials with 8.31.
  5. If you’ve heard the stereotype about Midwesterners in US being known for their friendliness, we’ve got one piece of information to support that. People in the Midwest plan on buying gifts for an average of 9.04 recipients, which is by far the most of any region.
  6. 80% of consumers wrap presents themselves — but only 69% think they’re good at it.

Other observations on Gift Exchange

  • Thoughtful gifts don’t necessarily lead to greater appreciation.
  • People are more appreciative when they receive a gift they have explicitly requested.
  • Spending more money on a gift doesn’t necessarily translate into greater appreciation.
  • Around 50% Recipients don’t like the Gift been received by them.
  • Men typically have liking for useful gifts than romantic or captivating ones.
  • Red is the favourite gift wrapping colour.
  • There are many songs dedicated to gifting.


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