Diamond Bracelet Vending Machine

If you think the idea of selling gold coins and bars out of vending machines is pointless then how about a automat that dispenses diamond bracelets?

In 2011, to celebrate Fashion Week in New York, USA, Hudson Hotel had installed a large vending machine in its lobby that dispensed fashion ‘necessities’ apropos to the occasion. The luxury items that were housed included items from upcoming and promising designers such as diamond and wood strand bracelet from Ruby Kobo, a python clutch from SANG A, hand-made 7-fold wool ties from Public School, and a rabbit fur jacket from Jolibe.

About New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week, held in February and September of each year, is a semi-annual series of events (generally lasting 7–9 days) when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press and the general public. It is one of four major fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the “Big 4”, along with those in Paris, London and Milan.

It has consisted of numerous branded events, such as Olympus Fashion Week New York, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York and MADE Fashion Week, and many independent fashion productions around town.

  • As a model, being the first one out, b.k.a. “opening the show”, is a big effin deal. Models new to the industry can achieve what seems like overnight success opening for one of the big shows like Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs as it is seen as a huge endorsement from the designer.
  • Arguably more important than opening the show, is closing the show. The last model to walk out, sometimes hand-in-hand with the designer, is often referred to as the designer’s Muse – either by the designer, or by assumption.
  • The average front row at New York Fashion Week holds 130 seats.
  • New York Fashion Week is the first of a month of fashion collections shown in the Big Four cities. NYFW is first, followed by London, Milan, and ending in Paris.

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