Twitter Game Vending Machine

The Arizona Diamondbacks have added a Twitter vending machine that will give fans a chance to win themed prizes by tweeting a specific hashtag.

The vending machine will be set up on the upper concourse of Chase Field on the days the D-backs host La Terraza events.

It will allow fans to enjoy a Latin vibe in the upper right field concourse and includes specialized décor, live music and regional food from local favorites such as El Güero Canelo.

To use the vending machine, all one has to do is walk up to it and tweet with the hashtag #DbacksManSol and wait as the machine generates a code for you to tweet. The code is specific for every person, so you can only use the machine once per game.

“We don’t want one person to stand in front of the machine and tweet 50 times,” Krause said. “That’s why the machine generates one code per user per game.”

Once you’ve tweeted, the machine will dispense a prize that could be anything from a D-backs koozie to a $20 voucher for food at Chase Field.

“Last weekend was our first weekend using it and people seemed to really enjoy it,” Krause said.

Fun Facts about Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 300 million active users logging in at least once a month.

While many users know the basics about Twitter, such as its 280-character limit for tweets, there are many interesting facts which most people won’t have heard about before.

  • Approximately 350,000 Tweets are posted every minute.
  • One of the original ideas for a name was “FriendStalker.”
  • According to the Vatican, you’re a better person if you follow the Pope on Twitter.
  • The hashtag was first introduced in 2007.
  • The Library of Congress used to archive all tweets.
  • The famous blue Twitter bird is called Larry.
  • The very first tweet was posted on March 21, 2006.


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