Large Football Vending Machine

What is the purpose/intent of this performance media project?

The purpose of this performance media project is to make people feel the Joy of the city. City joy is a project by “Smart” to make the city more fun for people by inventing simple and fun activities. Every city grows with good ideas:

  • For better use of space.
  • For more sustainability.
  • For more fun.
  • For more smiles in the city.

Is the audience participatory or observational use of performance media?

This experiment was audience participatory making people get a football. In Zurich summer 2014 during the European Athletics Championships. The city was flooded with footballs from different brands. Smart invented this idea to spread the joy in the city.

Why is this performance media project effective?

This is because it’s modern and unique idea by having a huge bubblegum machine filled with football to spread positive energy to the public inspired by the city joy project.