Holiday! Scented air vending machine

From sun cream to freshly cut grass. Scented Air Vending machine brings the smell of summer to busy train station.

It is a vending machine stocked with bottles of summer scented air at Slough train station to help evoke holiday memories among commuters and offer the perfect pick-me-up for those who are feeling down.

A hundred bottles were filled with distinctive holiday fragrances, including freshly cut grass, BBQ, sun cream and sea air, which were all the nation’s favourites.

Situated in the station’s ticket office, the novelty vending machine invited commuters to enjoy a free bottle on their way to work.

We want to inject fun, freedom and frivolity into holidays by giving people back that holiday feeling and something to smile about

Michael Callaghan (Holiday Autos)

Fun facts about scents

  • Humans have the ability to detect up to 1 trillion distinct scents.
  • Women are known to have a better sense of smell as compared to men. 
  • It is a known fact that dogs have a better sense of smell as compared to humans. Dogs have almost 50 times more scent cells as compared to humans!
  • Smell is one sense that has a strong link with memory. It has been established that people can remember memories linked with smells even after one year with an accuracy of 65%. Whereas, those memories linked with sight are remembered with only 50% of accuracy.
  • We can smell even before you are born! It has been established that the sense of smell is one of the first sense to develop. The sense plays a major role in development and establishing memories from a very early age.
  • Our taste buds rely strongly on our sense of smell. Did you know that our sense of smells accounts for almost 95% of the flavor? Without a sense of smell, we would fail to differentiate in between an onion and a potato!


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