Toothpaste Promotion Vending Machine

This is a clever idea to help to promote your toothpaste in this Toothpaste promotion vending machine!

Toothpaste promotion vending machine

Fun facts about toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • The first recipe for toothpaste was found in archeological research of ancient Egypt. In 5000 BC, before the invention of the toothbrush (which occurred sometime during the years 3000 and 35000 BC), the ancient Egyptians were using ox hoof ash and burnt eggshells to clean their teeth. That first toothpaste recipe also lists ingredients of fried iris flower, mint, salt, and a pinch of salt to whiten and perfect teeth.
  • Blue is the most popular color of toothbrush.
  • Children are happy campers: They smile approximately 400 times a day.
  • The first modern toothpaste was produced in 1780. Crest created its first toothpaste in the United States in 1955 and Colgate preceded it with a toothpaste coming out in 1873.
  • If you’re consuming food or drink that it very acidic (e.g. Orange juice), it’s important to wait at least 30 minutes before you brush your teeth to avoid damaging the teeth’s enamel.
  • Toothpaste does not contain sugar. Despite the fact that toothpaste can come in a variety of flavors, none of these flavors are produced with the use of sugar. Instead, sweetening agents like saccharin or sorbitol are used to give toothpaste its flavor. 
  • There are specialized toothpastes that contain additional ingredients for specific purposes. For example, whitening toothpaste may contain hydrogen and carbamide peroxides in order to reduce intrinsic staining, as well as to remove external stains. Desensitizing toothpaste is another specialized toothpaste that uses ingredients such as potassium nitrate or strontium chloride to reduce tooth sensitivity. Some toothpaste offers additional tartar protection by using pyrophosphates or zinc citrate to prevent the accumulation of tartar. 

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