Toothpaste Promotion Vending Machine

This is a clever idea to help to promote your toothpaste in this Toothpaste promotion vending machine!

Toothpaste promotion vending machine

Trivia about toothbrushes and toothpaste Stella Kids Dentistry

  • Blue is the most popular color of toothbrush.
  • Toothpaste was first invented in China and India in 500 BC.
  • Children are happy campers: They smile approximately 400 times a day.
  • The first modern toothpaste was produced in 1780. Crest created its first toothpaste in the United States in 1955 and Colgate preceded it with a toothpaste coming out in 1873.


Toothpaste is an essential product consumers cannot do without. For more established brands, selling toothpaste products is relatively easy. However, if you wish to launch new toothpaste into the market or want to increase sales of a relatively new product, you must undertake some rigorous but strategic marketing.

Product Differentiation

The toothpaste market has several similar competing products, and you have to brand yours in such a way that it stands out. Prominently display your logo and name on the packaging to boost brand awareness and sales. Identify the specific qualities that clients are looking for in a toothpaste, such as the ability to whiten or strengthen teeth and protect against tooth decay. Emphasize the characteristics of your toothpaste and range of benefits that consumers will get from using it, always ensuring that the information you provide is factual and backed up by research.

Collaborate with Dental Care Specialists

Having dentists recommend your toothpaste improves your brand recognition. Seek a dentist who will appear in a cable or TV broadcast ad recommending your toothpaste for optimum teeth protection.

Print attractive posters and fliers and leave them in dental clinics or offices. Participating in community health promotion activities that raise awareness on proper dental care can also provide you with an opportunity to market your brand.

Promotion and Advertising

Depending on your budget, you can leverage several print and electronic media channels to market your toothpaste products effectively. Your ads, which should highlight the top features of your toothpaste to attract maximum attention, can be placed with broadcast media such as radio and television that reach a wide audience.

The local daily or national newspapers and health magazines also offer good opportunities to advertise your toothpaste. Having a product website that is modern and easily navigable with links to social media helps you explain your product to readers, creating positive brand impressions.

Explore Retail Marketing Channels

Retail outlets may be able to provide advertising opportunities for your toothpaste by allocating display space for your products and posters so shoppers readily see them. You may consider selling your toothpaste products to retailers at discounted prices and leave the marketing work to them. You can also use trial offers in the form of limited-time coupon discounts for selected retail outlets to entice customers to sample your products.