Music Vending machine near you

The U.K. will shortly see the introduction of music downloads away from the PC. Inspired Broadcast Networks and Entertainment UK have teamed up to get songs added to a range of different public vending machines.

This will mean that soon in addition to having buttons for a chocolate bar or soft drink, there may also be a music download button or even a separate dedicated kiosk. Pubs, bars, and clubs are also on the list where you can usually find a jukebox of some form (which could be networked for music downloading), and there are plans to allow downloads directly to a mobile phone as well.

The vending machine plans are made possible with the help of BT’s DSL broadband network, meaning the machines can be networked to a central repository and updated when required. Initially music will be downloaded using a memory card, but the ultimate aim is to make the whole process wireless using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Trials are being conducted now, with early interest being shown by Coca-Cola. With the music vending machine market set to boom over the next three years, Inspired is investing £50 million to get this arm of its business off the ground.

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