Vending machine facial recognition

Now it’s no longer your mom reminding you not to eat that Twinkie. Vending machine facial recognition technology denies would-be snackers from buying certain foods that don’t fit their personal profile. The machine can be programmed to identify users and remember their snack preferences — even accessing their age, medical records and vending purchase histories.

If the user’s snack choice doesn’t fit their profile, the machine won’t dispense the item.

Smart Vend Solutions just unveiled the machine in U.K., and says vending machine facial recognition technology can be programmed to keep children from buying cigarettes, hospital patients away from salty or sugary foods and keep dieters on track.

Launching the very first full production facial recognition technology represents an advancement which will bring unlimited benefits to businesses and consumers across the U.K.

Malcolm Standage, Smart Vend Solutions

But the proliferation of smart vending machine raises some possible short comings, such as the ability of people just getting someone to buy junk food for them — or the obvious privacy issues as it records your every purchase.

Interesting Facts on Facial Recognition

  • Serve smart ads
  • Prevent retail crime
  • Find missing persons and pets. In 2018, news about finding 3000 missing children in India through face recognition made waves across the globe. This proves critical not only finding missing children but also preventing human trafficking.
  • Recognize VIPs
  • Confirm identity at ATMs. The ubiquity of ATM cards means it will take time before they get phased out, but in some places like Macau, face scans are already used at ATMs to protect the identity of users.
  • Add convenience to air travel
  • Limit access to sensitive locations
  • Help the blind. By using a facial recognition app, the blind can get clues about the social situation they’re in. For example, when the app recognizes someone smiling, the smartphone vibrates to alert the blind person.
  • Protect schools
  • Diagnose diseases


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