Vending machine price adjust with temp.

Coca-Cola continues to try out new vending machine technology. For the past two summers, the company has offered a lemonade product in Spain where its vending machine price adjust with outdoor temperature.

The goal of the pricing strategy was to increase traffic for the vending machines. The Coca-Cola Spain vending machines at water and amusement parks charged three different prices for its Limon & Nada, depending on the temperature.

For temperatures above 30℃, the cost was $1.20, at 29℃ the price climbed to $1.70; and below 29℃ the price was $2.40.

The machines were designed specifically to increase trial of Limon & Nada as a thirst quencher in the summer heat and have not been used in other markets.

Carrie Brown, Coke spokeswoman
Lemonade Vending Machines Base Pricing on Outside Temperature

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