Cooling power-free vending machine

Coca-Cola (Japan), together with Fuji Electric Retail Systems have succeeded in developing the “A011”peak-shift vending machine. This vending machine, developed as part of the Apollo ultra-energy-saving vending machine development project, can operate without using power for cooling up to 16 hours per day.

The successfully developed peak-shift vending machine shifts use of power for cooling from the usual peak mid-day to the night time, when there is a relative surplus power capacity.

In conventional vending machines, the temperature in the machine would rise slowly if cooling was stopped for long periods of time since only a portion of the products stored inside of it were cooled in response to sales in order to limit electricity consumed. However, in the peak-shift vending machine, all products stored are cooled during night time when there is relatively more power available.

In addition, by using more vacuum insulation materials, insulation has improved and the machine is not affected as much by outside temperature.

In preparation for full-fledged market launch, the peak-shift vending machine will be field tested until the end of August in Saitama Prefecture’s Kumagaya City and Gifu Prefecture’s Tajimi City, the hottest regions in Japan.

After verifying the new model’s performance, Coca-Cola said it will work to maximize their peak-shift functionality, extending the amount of time they can go without using power for cooling during time slots when power is generally in short supply.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, Coca-Cola Japan has been implementing specific round-robin cooling suspension measures in its vending machines in all areas except Okinawa Prefecture, cutting power usage by 15%.

All newly purchased can and PET vending machines have been HFC-free since 2011, and LED lighting is being used in all vending machines since 2012.

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