Political Campaign Vending Machine

Vending machine was used cleverly for advertisement in this political campaign vending machine.

About Change

Change was Obama’s fundamental motif in his campaign. In addition to inspiring his “Yes We Can” campaign slogan, the ideology of change separated Obama from his opponents. During his campaign, change was the second most stated concept in Obama’s speeches, falling behind the economy. Change also became a part of Obama’s slogan, “Change we can believe in,” which appeared on banners, podiums, and posters.

Fun facts about Elections

  • In most places, elections are held on Sundays.
  • India is so huge, its elections can take weeks.
  • Swedish and French voters are automatically registered.
  • Voting is compulsory in Australia.
  • Kids as young as 16 can vote in Brazil.
  • Voter turnout in the US is extremely low compared to other developed countries.
  • In Chile, men and women voted separately until 2012.
  • North Korea holds elections.
  • The Queen of England is eligible to vote.


Other Vending Machine Applications