Random Vending Machine

Thomaston, Georgia. Mr. BJ Chamberlain set up what he’s calling “The Goblin Market” at Rock City Cafe in Rockland.

A few of the items you can currently find in the sole Goblin Market machine include: tarot cards, a “party kit” featuring heart-shaped glasses and a colorful wig, Pop Rocks, a product that changes the color of flames in a fire and several booklets, including one on lessons for employee-owned cooperatives.

Chamberlain will be adding edible crickets from a Lewiston-based company to the machine, a product he’s particularly excited about.

The first batch of items in the Goblin Market was largely wholesale products he could get a certain quantity of, just to get the machine going. But he looks forward to partnering with local artists and makers to get their artwork and wares in the machine, as well as the CDs or cassettes from local musicians.

“My short term goal is just to shake things up. I think there’s a lot of market for edgier, more punk rock kind of stuff and there aren’t a lot of places to get that around here,”


Other Vending Machine Applications