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Seal Vending Machine – make your own seal

Do you know what a ‘hanko’ is?

Do you know what a ‘hanko’ is?

In Japan, we still use a signature stamp / name seal in everyday life. These are commonly known as ‘hanko’.

For example, if we are receiving parcels/packages, we would use our hanko to stamp on the receipt.

You can sign too but commonly we use our hanko.

If you live in Japan, you will find it fairly useful to have one. It makes a cute souvenir too!

So where do you get one?

If you have a common Japanese name, you can find cheap ones in stationery stores or even Daiso!

If you do not [eg, if you have a non japanese name or a non common japanese name like yumeko XD] you will need to find a store that would carve it for you. Typically they cost around 2000yen and up [esp if you order it online and need to buy shipping etc]

But what if you didn’t want to spend too much? And you wanted it immediately? Well, you can use a vending machine that carve ‘hanko’ for you!