Creative Vending Movement

There are now more and more vending machines popping up around the world selling local art products and other interesting items.

Bellingham, Washington, US. (Pocket Box Vending Machine)

The vending machines are stocked with goodies that the company owner sources from local businesses and artists, as well as from her own thrift shop treasure hunts. The majority of items are priced between $5 to $20.  

Each location has a unique selection — Black Sheep’s machine, for example, includes local artist Bridget Dahlman-Oeth’s collectible, themed art boxes made from repurposed Altoid tins that go for $10.

“My favorite thing is going back to a venue and just watching people engage [with the vending machine], and it’s exciting obviously when they purchase something, but just the pointing and giggles and excitement is just so great.”

Graczyk (Pocket Box Vending Machine Owner)
Pocket Box vending machine. (Nina Walsh/Cascadia Daily News)

Vancouver, Canada. (Pocket Box Vending Machine)

The city’s first art vending machine began operating at the Garden Court of Bentall Centre and is a collaboration between Vancouver Vending Co, Downtown Van, and Bentall Centre. According to curator Crystal Lau, it’s already a big hit with artists and art lovers.

(Vancouver Vending Co.)

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