Mattress Vending Machine

Coined the ‘Dream Machine’ and located in the capital’s King’s Cross station, the vending machine dispenses boxed mattresses to winning visitors at the press of a button.

It was created to help bleary-eyed Brits get a new mattress, after a study revealed 32 per cent of adults are sleeping on one which is ‘well past its best.’

But 75 per cent believe you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, while 80 per cent consider a decent mattress to be a sound investment.

The study also found 18 per cent have a mattress which is older than the recommended shelf-life of seven to 10 years.

“So we launched the ‘Dream Machine’ to remind time-strapped commuters of the importance of a good mattress for getting a good night’s sleep and how easy and convenient it can be – whilst giving them the chance to pick-up a comfy new mattress for free in an instant.”

When asked why they haven’t replaced their mattresses, the study revealed 25 per cent simply haven’t had chance to get a new one.

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