Category: Vending Machine Idea

  • Vending Machine in Video Game

    Vending Machine in Video Game

    You can now find vending machine in Video Game! (Stray) Interacting with the vending machine by pressing Triangle will spit out an Energy Drink for you to collect. It can be traded for different collectibles, including Sheet Music, and one of the collectible Memories.

  • Young Vending Machine Boss!

    Young Vending Machine Boss!

    A Mother bought their children a Vending Machine for present!

  • M&M’s Vending Machine

    M&M’s Vending Machine

    Spotted! M&M’S Vending Machine in Netherland. Our favorite chocolate!

  • Literacy Vending Machine

    Literacy Vending Machine

    Treat-filled vending machines can be a source of controversy – but there’s no way anyone could argue against the socially nutritious stunt campaign in Montreal.

  • Dirty Water Vending Machine

    Dirty Water Vending Machine

    UNICEF’s ongoing Tap Project continues to use ideas to communicate its simple but important on-going mission. Its next idea is using a dirty water vending machine.

  • Vote Vending Machine

    Vote Vending Machine

    As a conservation charity with limited funds, Chester Zoo has to support projects that will give the greatest impact. This is why the need of Vote Vending Machine to help them.

  • Charity Vending Machine for Education

    Charity Vending Machine for Education

    A new CIESF Charity vending machine that supports educations in Cambodia was installed at COOP Life Center on Nishi-Chiba Campus on April 18, 2011.

  • Red Cross Charity Vending Machine

    Red Cross Charity Vending Machine

    Coca-Cola and the Japanese Red Cross have rolled out a vending machine that lets users donate money directly to the vending machine.

  • Workplace Safety Vending Machine

    Workplace Safety Vending Machine

    Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix when it comes to work place incidents. There are no panel beaters, precision painters, restorations or cheap and readily available replacement body parts.

  • Corporate Campaign Vending Machine

    Corporate Campaign Vending Machine

    An interesting Cartoon showing Corporate Campaign Vending Machine. There is country require voter to write down the candidate’s name (correctly!) to make the vote count.