Mysterious Vending Machine

Blending in with the surrounding townscape, the door to the uninitiated eye looks precisely like a vending machine. The fact that a genuine real vending machine is installed only 2 meters away, and lit up at night, only adds to the general confusion.

Inevitably, some passers-by, duped into believing the vending machine is real, attempt to insert coins to buy a drink.

On closer inspection, the door reveals the word “Push,” but otherwise there is no store name, sign or even a menu displayed to give any hint of what’s on the other side.

This is actually a pub, but even people in the neighborhood remained unsure where the eatery was located.

For a while, Takata, the owner feared the location of his premises might prove too confusing to attract a steady flow of customers. But now he is confident his business will prosper, especially after it featured on social media and television shows.

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