Product and Solution

Payment Solution

Backload Bill Validator

  • High acceptance rates
  • Superior counterfeit detection with patented technology
  • Self-center multi-width option for easy insert of multi currencies

Cashcode® High End Bill Validation

  • Fast transactions
  • Patented sensor systems for best fraud bills rejection
  • Tool free access for high service friendliness and fast maintenance

The most secure 5″ Coin validator

  • Unique MFT coin validation technology for highest coin security
  • Modular construction in coin entry and integrated 5 way sorting for flexible use
  • Manipulation protection via optical string recognition, coin timing and protocol encryption

NRI G-13.mft 3.5″coin validator

Most flexible and secure 3.5″ coin validator

  • Anti-stringing protection and protocol encryption for high manipulation security
  • Unique MFT coin validation technology for highest coin security
  • Highly flexible through multiple models, interfaces and sorters

The next generation coin changer and recycler

  • 6 tube cassette system for maximum coin capacity and flexible tube configurations
  • 3 independent payout motors for highest payout security
  • 4 human interfaces fulfill individual requirements

Most reliable coin hopper series

  • High payout speed of 9 coins per second reduces transaction times
  • Manipulation protection through unique infrared light barrier system
  • Different interfaces on one hardware – optional encrypted via ccTalk