Frozen Robotic Machine

Frozen Robotic Machine: Meet DIVI (Dream It Vend It)

DIVI is Fastcorp’s newest and most reliable automated retail machine. It is so great, we cannot even call it a “vending” machine anymore. WIth its sleek new design and powerful robotic technology inside, DIVI can robotically deliver just about any frozen, refrigerated or consumer product you can dream of.

Do you sell popsicles? Chill? Fill her up and let DIVI do the rest. Fireworks? You business will boom! Popsicles AND fireworks? DIVI can even do that. You are all covered, and your customers will love the experience!

Frozen Robotic Machine

Additional Benefits and Features

  • Simple programming
  • Minimal number of parts and motors compared to conventional vending machines
  • Picks and delivers all shapes and sizes
  • Powerful vacuum pick up – up to 4 pounds
  • Robotic entertainment captures impulse sales

About Fastcorp

For almost two decades, Fastcorp has been an industry leader in robotic retail and vending technology, offering a versatile and efficient platform to vend almost anything.

When Munroe Chirnomas founded Fastcorp in 1990, his vision was ahead of his time; to vend cigars.

The market didn’t command the contemporary user experience or the same quick access to consumer goods as of today, so most of the efforts are focused on reliability, efficiency and adding value to the market that needed it the most.

Fastcorp quickly became the world leader in frozen vending machine sales due to its product storage and delivery platform and machines can be found across USA and in over 50 different countries.

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