Product and Solution

Crane Multi-Purpose Vending Machine

Our multi-purpose vending machines comes from well know US Brand ‘CRANE’, for further detail, please click on the link below↓

Model 186, 187 Introduction (PDF): Data Sheet

Model 471, 472 Introduction (PDF): Data Sheet

➡️ CRANE Main Products:

              Model   186                           187

Height:                   72″                           72″

Width:                   33″                           44″

Depth:                   39″                           38″

Weight:                510 lbs.                    610 lbs.

              Model    471                         472

Height:                  72″                          72′

Width:                  33″                          46″

Depth:                   33″                           33″

Weight:               629 lbs.                  729 lbs.

➡️ Why choose CRANE?

Improve Consumer Experience

  • New user interface – Dynamic keypad based on appliance industry touch sensing technology (no moving parts), large lighted keys make it easy to use
  • 1-2-3 process (money, selection, change) facilities experience
  • New ‘OK’ key confirms selection and improves confidence
  • Ergonomic coin cup
  • Graphics display simplifies communication
  • POP window for product promotions or company information
  • Currenza Recycler option is the perfect match to capitalize on higher price points

✨  Durable Construction

  • Merchant Six is only 5.5″ wider than SnackCenter 1
  • Single-piece cabinet wrapper construction design is built to last
  • All mechanical systems tested to 14 years of life
  • Significantly less parts, improves simplicity and reliability (delivery bin, tray harnesses, keypad…)
  • Proven keypad technology from appliance industry is built to last
  • Factory-installed LEXAN door option for tough locations
  • Cabinet ‘kock-outs’ allow access through 30″ doorways
  • Factory installation of Currenze payment systems

Ultimate Merchandising Flexibility

  • 6-shelf and 7-shelf configurations
  • Merchant Size has up to 54% more spirals (depending on configuration)
  • Increased vertical space when compared to SnackCenter for more or taller products
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in 1/2″ increments for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy loading shelves with no latches
  • Price roll option provides product prices on the shelf

Latest Technology

  • Proven electronic platform with new features – upload/download software and configuration with memory stick, language translation, remote price changes (via Streamware Connect), plus all SnackCenter features and more
  • Seamless integration with other Crane Merchandising Systems products like Currenza Payment Systems and Streamware Vending Management Software
  • LED light option reduces service costs, improves product view, and is more environmentally friendly
  • Improved SureVend option guarantees product delivery
  • New in-line GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) power cord facilitates connection