Crane Multi-Purpose Vending Machine

Our multi-purpose vending machines comes from well known US Brand ‘CRANE’.

Crane is your source for the most innovative, capable and reliable vending machines on the market today. Its vending machines are specifically designed to attract new consumers and provide an engaging retail shopping experience.

Snack – Crane 186 and 187

Snack and Drinks – Crane 471 and 472

➡️ Why choose CRANE?

  • Faster Performance – Delivery unparalleled speed, reliability and screen responsiveness
  • Higher Engagement – Engage consumers with larger, 9-inch touchscreen and full-motion video (7-inch touch screen standard)
  • Increased Sales – Digital advertising drive impulsive and multi-product sales
  • Product Variety – Increase sales and consumer satisfaction with a great product selection
  • Cash Payment – Capture every sale with a built-in and intuitive cashless solution
  • Remote Management – View sales transaction at real time

✨  Durable Construction

  • Single-piece cabinet wrapper construction design is built to last
  • Significantly less parts, improves simplicity and reliability (delivery bin, tray harnesses, keypad…)
  • Proven keypad technology from appliance industry is built to last
  • Factory-installed LEXAN door option for tough locations

Ultimate Merchandising Flexibility

  • Merchant Size has up to 54% more spirals (depending on configuration)
  • Increased vertical space when compared to SnackCenter for more or taller products
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in 1/2″ increments for ultimate flexibility
  • Easy loading shelves with no latches

Latest Technology

  • LED light option reduces service costs, improves product view, and is more environmentally friendly
  • Improved SureVend option guarantees product delivery
  • New in-line GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) power cord facilitates connection
Crane has manufactured state-of-the-art vending machines since 1926, combining with 90+ years of experience with cutting edge technology to make the best vending machines in the market.

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