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  • Masks Vending Machine (Hong KONG)

    Masks Vending Machine (Hong KONG)

    Below is masks vending machine selling drinks and masks to prevent COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Other Vending Machine Applications

  • Hong Kong library books vending machine

    Hong Kong library books vending machine

    A very meaningful project. We are glad to co-operate with Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School and help to encourage students to read more books and bring them knowledge and joy!

  • Books Vending Machine share kindness

    Books Vending Machine share kindness

    Share kindness with this books vending machine. Schools in US are setting them up to encourage students to behave well and get the book they enjoy reading!

  • Reese’s vending machine

    Reese’s vending machine

    Drop your unwanted candy here and you will get the candy you love from this Reese’s vending machine! What an interesting promotional idea!

  • Giving Vending Machines

    Giving Vending Machines

    Instead of satisfying cravings, unique giving vending machines across the country are being used to do some good this holiday season. It allows people to choose the items they wish to donate.

  • Luxury car vending machine sells Ferraris

    Luxury car vending machine sells Ferraris

    A futuristic 15-story showroom in Singapore dubbed the “world’s largest luxury car vending machine,” has opened offering customers million-dollar supercars.

  • Water vending machine in Mumbai

    Water vending machine in Mumbai

    With the temperature in Mumbai rising steadily, suburban commuters have demanded that the railways speed up installing water vending machines at all stations.

  • Army Supplies Vending Machine

    Army Supplies Vending Machine

    Full-time national servicemen (NSFs) who need army supplies can turn to a vending machine which has been on trial since December last year.

  • Lego Vending Machine

    Lego Vending Machine

    Anyone who’s ever fantasized about a personal fast-food vending machine to satisfy cravings at a moment’s notice need look no further — provided they’re really good at building stuff out of Legos.

  • First Aid Vending Machine

    First Aid Vending Machine

    14 Year-Old Entrepreneur raises $100K to create First Aid Vending Machine. What started as an eighth-grade project could soon turn into a multi-million-dollar company!