Category: Vending Machine Idea

  • Battery Recycling Vending Machine

    Battery Recycling Vending Machine

    Volkswagen and DDB Russia created a specially-made recycling vending machine in different parts of Russia that only accepts batteries as payment.

  • Random Book Vending Machine

    Random Book Vending Machine

    I love this idea—a vending machine that dispenses random books for $2. Sometimes it is fun and educational to read outside your comfort zone and bring new insights that you have never thought about.

  • 24 hours Bike Repair Vending Machine

    24 hours Bike Repair Vending Machine

    It’s happened to every biker. A flat tire in an inconvenient place on your commute, and the nearest bike shop is a long walk away. This is when you need a Bike Repair Vending Machine!

  • Book Vending Machine promote literacy

    Book Vending Machine promote literacy

    Since their installation, the machines have received a fair amount of media attention, including overseas news sites such as Mashable and The Reading Room.

  • Container recycling Vending Machine

    Container recycling Vending Machine

    Thirsty consumers are comfortable buying drinks from vending machines, but now reverse vending machines will take the empty bottle back.

  • Book vending machine, Soar with reading

    Book vending machine, Soar with reading

    Actress and singer, Victoria Justice and Detroit Tigers outfielder, Justin Upton unveiled JetBlue’s ‘Soar with Reading’ book vending machine program for kids who may otherwise not have access to books.

  • Yawn-activated Coffee Machine

    Yawn-activated Coffee Machine

    At first glance, the maroon Douwe Egberts coffee machine looks pretty normal. On close inspection, it’s missing something important. There’s no place to put money!

  • Do nothing for Beer Vending Machine!

    Do nothing for Beer Vending Machine!

    As part of an Amstel marketing stunt, vending machine serves beer to people who stand and do nothing for three minutes. How many people willing to take part in this challenge?

  • Lazy Vending Machine

    Lazy Vending Machine

    Fair enough. Save cost, show all the necessary information and will definitely be remembered by those who walked pass this lazy vending machine.

  • Ultraman Vending Machine

    Ultraman Vending Machine

    The first episode of “Ultraman” debuted on television at 7 p.m. on July 17, 1966, exactly 50 years ago today. When the dust cleared at 7:30 p.m., Japanese entertainment would never be the same.